Create a system recovery disk in windows 7

Why should i create a system recovery disc ?

All computers relie on it`s operating system or OS to gets things done, sometimes the OS system files needed to boot the Operating system (windows 7 or windows xp) can get corrupted probably because of a virus or sometimes hard drive failures.This can be frustrating because you will be unable to access your important information stored on your hard drive.Here is what you do if you don`t have a preconfigured recovery partition on your system and you want to prepare for such an event if it should happen to you.


Creating the system recovery disk in windows 7

1.Click start control panel ->under system and security ->click backup option ->backup your computer option
2.On the left corner ->click a system repair disc
3.Put a blank dvd in the dvd rom  drive (if you have one installed) ->click create disc
4.When the disc finish, restart the computer you should be able to boot to the disc.
  N.B: Don`t press anything
5.Make sure you label the disc and keep it in a safe place,you may need it in the event of a complete system failure.

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