Uninstall or remove a program from my pc

Some people install software on their computers and then they don`t know how to take it off, their reasons why they would want to take an application off their  system may vary.The real problem is that some user don`t know the exact steps needed to uninstall software or application like the one that was installed here.In this post I will detail to you how you can uninstall a software or application from your computer.I will guide you through the steps necessary when uninstalling an application in windows XP and Windows 7.
Let`s get started  then.

Step 1

Windows xp

1.Start ->control panel ->add or remove programs
2.When add or remove program box comes up ->choose application/software
3.Click remove->prompt saying  yes or no ->choose yes
4.Congratulations you have just uninstalled an application from your computer.

Windows 7

1.Go to start ->control panel ->click programs and features
2.Click uninstall a program ->click program ->uninstall it
3.Click yes when prompt comes
4.You have just removed an application/software from your computer.

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