Installing software on my pc

Most software packages are relatively easy to install but the installation may depend heavily on a few factors like the operating system that you are running, how much physical memory you have installed and also if you have sufficient hard drive space.These are just a few things you may have to take in mind whenever  you want to install software on your computer.
Note: This post will give you a basic understanding of how you can go about installing a software program, utilities, etc on your computer.I will take you through the steps of installing a software program on and off of your computer system.You should also take into consideration that the success of any software installation heavily depends on the software vendor, an example would be software designed to be used on apple  platforms or apple operating systems, they will not work on microsoft platforms or microsoft operating systems. So before you go and purchase software for your computer make sure you check:

1. What platform or operating system you are running on your computer.(Microsoft, Apple, Mac,Linux,Ubuntu, Etc)
2.Check to see which platform was the software developed for, you can check  the software documentation on the vendors website.
3.Check your system specification (sufficient memory, operating system, harddrive space).

Here is how you check your system specification (Running Microsoft Operating System,win xp)

1.Start->right click on my computers icon->click properties.
2.In the general  tab at the bottom you will see your computer specification.

This is what it should look like below


Now lets install the software (Installation in Windows Xp)

 When you place the software disc in the cd tray of your computer it should automatically show a pop up window to install the software, if not you will have to open the cd or dvd manually and browse for the setup.exe file found below.







The installation would have been completed.

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