Extract images from a word document

I came across this problem a little while back and did not know how the hell to copy an image that was embedded within  a word document.Here is out it went down, I saw an picture on the internet that I had wanted to save to my desktop. I clicked on the image, copied and pasted to my desktop after  I didn`t see the image.At that time I was a bit in a hurry so I opened a word document and copied the picture/image and saved the document.
Now after a few hours I wanted to copy the same image in the word document to a folder that I had created.I clicked copy and then tried to paste the image about five times into the folder but I didn`t see no image being copied.i got instantly mad and did some research online and  here is what I found to be helpful to me and it will be to you if you are having this particular problem.


1. This applies to those using word 2007

2. Open the document with the image
3. Click the office button -> save as ->
4. In the pop up box at the botton-> save as type->drop down and click web page
5. Click save
6. Now go back to where you save the web page you just created  and open the folder next to .html or .htm file , you should see your images in the folder and you will be able to do with it as you like.
7. If you are using an older version of Microsoft word this solution still applies.

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