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So you want to see a particular picture from your pictures folder in the background whenever you boot up your computer because the picture serves as an inspiration to you as you do your work on your pc, that`s understandable.Atleast my computer`s background picture serves as an inspiration to me when i do my work and at sometime you may want to change the background picture for your computer desktop.In this short tutorial i will guide you through the steps necessary to accomplish this simple task.

Setting desktop wallpaper - Windows (xp)

1.Right click anywhere on the desktop (don`t click on any icons)
2.Choose properties->on display properties->click desktop
3.Where you see background ->choose a picture ->click apply ->ok
  If you want to set a background picture from your my Picture folder you h
4.From display properties ->browse ->click my pictures folder ->choose picture ->apply ->ok
5.Congratulation you have just set your background picture.

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Setting desktop wallpaper - Windows 7

1.First go to start ->control panel ->Appearance and personalisation
2.Click personalisation ->desktop background ->choose a picture -> click save changes.
3.The picture should show up in the as the computer desktop.
If you want to use want to use a picture from another location on your computer, here is what you do:
4.Within Desktop background ->picture location ->click browse to search for the particular picture on your
computer.When you find the picture click it and click save changes .
5.Your custom picture should appear as your new desktop background.

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