Cisco VLAN Setup - Cisco Configuration Step By Step - Creating VLANs

This short video shows you how to configure two separate vlans within a cisco switch for communication.Each vlan has computers which can communicate with each other but not between vlans.It demonstrates the need for having separate networks facilitated by vlan for security purposes.

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Deleting Google Chrome's Browsing History

This short video will show you how to clear your browsing history in google chrome browser.
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How to Use Incognito Mode on Chrome

This short video will show you how to browse privately or incognito mode using google chrome web browser.

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Unable to view videos in my browser 2018

Error Message : You need to install adobe flash player to view this video.

What is this? : Adobe flash Player is a software for viewing multimedia and for streaming video and audio on your computer via your computer browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox or Google Chrome) or on your mobile device.

How to Use Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

Every time you load up a page in the Google Chrome browser while on your computer (laptop, desktop,tablet, mobile phone etc.)sensitive information about your browsing history gets stored on your hard drive.Note that this information can be used to make browsing easier and more convenient while online but this information can be personal in nature .Providing that you have other persons using the same computer that you use, it makes total sense to keep things private.You can do this by instructing the Google Chrome browser to browse in Incognito mode.

How to set your mobile phone to connect to GT&T network. (For internet connection)

This is a short tutorial on how to configure or set the access point name (APN) on your android mobile phone to access Guyana Telephone company (GT&T) network for internet connection.

Android Smart Phone Setup

Step 1